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Hypnosis changes the way you think, feel and react in all types of behaviours and is an alternative therapy to medication with no side effects. It quickly changes your life through positive thoughts. You can identify bad habits and replace them with new and good habits.

Success and happiness are not accidents that 'happen' to some people and not others. They are predictable results created by deliberate ways of thinking and acting, ways that hypnosis will give you. Let's face it, if you do something consistently it creates a habit in the sub-conscious mind, but hypnosis can change that very effectively and very quickly. This is why the science of hypnotherapy is so much needed in the world today in the treatment of the human mind, because everything we do, or not do, is in the mind.

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Weight Loss

Stuart from Mind Body Life has been truly amazing, very welcoming. I have successfully lost 10kg with Stuart's hypnotherapy along with his "key tips" to help deal with weight loss. His manner, understanding and sympathy to my situation was appreciated and it's been life-changing for me to feel myself again. To feel more confident, more energy and fit back into my old clothes, which I thought I never would after having 2 kids.

I would highly recommend his services , and for anyone sceptical about what it could provide for them, I urge you to just give it a go and you might be surprised with the results.

Kind Regards,


Quit Smoking

I just want to express my sincerest wishes to you for making me a non smoker. I have tried several times in my life to stop but nothing has worked until I tried hypnotherapy, it was like magic, it took away the cravings straight away.

I'm 53 years old and have smoked since I was 9 years old. For many years now I have smoked 150 cigarettes a day. (1 kilo of chop chop tobacco a week) The main reason I wanted to stop apart from ill health was to give my son one of my kidneys as he is on a dialysis machine every day.

After 3 sessions I became a non smoker and I will recommend you Stuart to every smoker I know.

Once again many thanks.



I decided to see Stuart as a last resort. I was suffering with anxiety and could not leave the house, let alone drive the car. Stuart did a home visit and after 1 session was feeling a little better. Stuart did follow up phone calls and told me to call him if need be, and after 2 more sessions at my house, I actually drove to see him! I feel amazing and I am hardly ever home now.

Andrea, Berwick

Gambling & Alcoholism

After my separation I began drinking more and gambling more. I was at the stage where I was losing 3 to 4 hundred dollars a week, and drinking a bottle of scotch a day that I knew I had to do something. Stuart helped me through this and I have now been sober for 13 months and I am back to saving my money. I am now a nice person to be around.

Rodney, Skye

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