Weight Loss

Stuart from Mind Body Life has been truly amazing, very welcoming. I have successfully lost 10kg with Stuart's hypnotherapy along with his "key tips" to help deal with weight loss. His manner, understanding and sympathy to my situation was appreciated and it's been life-changing for me to feel myself again. To feel more confident, more energy and fit back into my old clothes, which I thought I never would after having 2 kids.

I would highly recommend his services, and for anyone sceptical about what it could provide for them, I urge you to just give it a go and you might be surprised with the results.

Kind Regards,


Quit Smoking

I just want to express my sincerest wishes to you for making me a non smoker. I have tried several times in my life to stop but nothing has worked until I tried hypnotherapy, it was like magic, it took away the cravings straight away.

I'm 53 years old and have smoked since I was 9 years old. For many years now I have smoked 150 cigarettes a day. (1 kilo of chop chop tobacco a week) The main reason I wanted to stop apart from ill health was to give my son one of my kidneys as he is on a dialysis machine every day.

After 3 sessions I became a non smoker and I will recommend you Stuart to every smoker I know.

Once again many thanks.


Pain Management

My name is Henriette and I am 55 years old. I suffered a terrible car accident 24 years ago which resulted in very severe injuries. Broken back, shoulder and leg injuries and internal damage. My doctors said I would never walk again, but due to a wonderful surgeon in France and a successful operation, I was able to walk.

Even though the operation was a success, I have lived with constant pain every day since, only made bearable by taking painkillers and morphine. My daughter came across Stuart's website and noticed that Stuart had studied pain management for 9 years. After discussing my condition an appointment was made for me to try and relieve my pain in any way.

I saw Stuart for a double session and the effect was amazing- no pain!. Stuart did the second session after a 15-minute break with the same effect- no pain. I could not believe it after 24 years- no pain! I said to Stuart "this is a miracle."

I have seen Stuart since for hey fever also with great success, 50-60% better after just one session, and after 2 weeks still no pain. I will forever be thankful to Stuart for giving me back a quality of life I never thought I could have again.

Henriette, Chelsea Heights.

Weight Loss & Quit Smoking

Hi Stuart, and a massive thanks for the positive effect my single visit last December has had on my life. I'm a 36-year-old and expecting my first born in a few weeks and when I came to see Stuart in December the first thing he noticed was how much weight I was carrying. Not only have I not had a cigarette since that day but his simple suggestion to cut my food into small pieces and chew longer (rather than cutting very large pieces and virtually swallow them) has resulted in a massive reduction in my meals portion size helping me get from 85kg down to 68kg in a few short months. I have never enjoyed my food more, lost 17kg with no fad diets or hard exercise programs and truly love my new life, thank you so much, Stuart, I am ready to be the dad I want to be and owe you a huge debt of gratitude. If you don't believe my words check out these before and after photo's and let your eyes decide.

Joe, Hampton


Hi Stuart

Just checking in to let you know how I am. The last few years have been great. I have been at Balcombe Grammar for the last 2 years. And I have made a real difference to the school, I just recently organised a Winter Sleep Out, where students slept in boxes for a night to gain an understanding of what it is to be homeless. And have recently been elected School Captain for 2013, by my peers. To be elected by my peers was one of the proudest days of my life, as I think back to where I was when I first came to you, friendless and scared, to now where I can speak in front of hundreds of people and have a countless amount of friends, I feel strong and proud. Thank you for the confidence you gave me.

I also have had a job for over a year now and enjoy the challenge that this gives me. I have also purchased my own sailboat, that I sail on a regular basis because my job prevents me from sailing with dad.

Of course, there have been some rough spots over the last few years, but I feel that with the support of my family, friends and the skills you gave me, I will be able to cope. Thank you Again for the confidence I have now found.

Jordan Boyles, Frankston Sth.

Quit Smoking

Hi Stuart, I am sitting outside with three smokers and it doesn't bother me a bit! I feel as though I have never smoked thanks to you. I am happy that I have finally stopped smoking, I will send a bottle of nice red your way for your wonderful service. I have given your card to the hygienist at work to recommend smokers to you. I am very pleased that I have met you. Thanks again

Rachel Wheeler, Seaford

Weight Loss

Hi Stuart, I feel that I want to tell every one of my success with your amazing weight loss programme! Firstly when I came to see you I was very sceptical of hypnosis, this you very quickly assured me that it is the most powerful form of therapy to change your life. You told me that hypnosis would change the way I think and feel about food and take away bad habits. After 5 sessions I could not believe how much I was changing. My eating habits and the way I was eating food all changed and I was losing a kilo in weight each week easily.

Stuart after 10 months I have now lost an amazing 54 kilos and feel like a new woman. I'm 43 and for the first time in over 20 years I can now wear high heels. I am fitter than I have ever been! A very big thank you Stuart for changing my life. I tell everyone now about your wonderful services.

Deborah, Pakenham

Quit Smoking

The level of service at mindbodylife hypnotherapy is fantastic. I felt realxed and at ease with Stuart. I am now a non smoker after 40 years and 50 cigarettes a day! Not only is my health improving, I now have a well earned holiday with my family overseas once a year with the money I am now saving.

Keith, Seaford

Weight Loss

Hi Stuart myself and 4 friends came to see you in March of this year for your weight loss programme and I must tell you how it has changed our lives. Your '4 ingredients to make you thin' truly works. Firstly 2 of my friends had very low self esteem and lacking confidence. They are now the most bubbly and happy people. We are still using the skills you showed us in how to eat and when to eat and losing weight every day without too much effort.

Everyone who is tired of being overweight should come to see you, your hypnotic skills are amazing, even though we came as a group, it felt like we were treated as individuals. Life changing!

Sheryl, Warragul.

Weight Loss

Stuart was recommended to me by a friend who had given up her addiction to chocolate. I too needed to lose weight and had tried everything, but just put on more kilo's. Stuart was very caring and understanding and retrained my thoughts to be motivated and to eat a healthy diet. I am losing the weight at a steady and safe pace. Loving every minute of my new life and the new me!

Julie, Pakenham


I decided to see Stuart as a last resort. I was suffering with anxiety and could not leave the house, let alone drive the car. Stuart did a home visit and after 1 session was feeling a little better. Stuart did follow up phone calls and told me to call him if need be, and after 2 more sessions at my house, I actually drove to see him! I feel amazing and I am hardly ever home now.

Andrea, Berwick

Gambling & Alcoholism

After my separation I began drinking more and gambling more. I was at the stage where I was losing 3 to 4 hundred dollars a week, and drinking a bottle of scotch a day that I knew I had to do something. Stuart helped me through this and I have now been sober for 13 months and I am back to saving my money. I am now a nice person to be around.

Rodney, Skye


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